And the Mother Said

"And the Mother Said" is a book that I started long before my residency at Blue Mountain Center. It consisted of segments of some of my old prints. I was not able to figure out what these old images meant in their new context.

At BMC I forced myself to figure out what the new context is. After listening to the sounds of the environment and after sweating a bit of blood, this developed:

And the Mother Said

Enter your studio.
Someone is there waiting for you.
Someone is waiting to be born.



Tell your Father
I have saved a place for him.
Tell him in the language of the crows.
Tell him in the woodland crowned
with crows.

Tell him in beauty; tell him in your grief.
Tell him by the waters; cover him
with salt.

Weave for him a blanket of grasses.
Sew for him a cloak of night feathers, your anger’s lullabye.

Fly with him through slipping winds.
Fly with him to me.