Mocking Bird Muse

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Sometimes it takes a long time for a poem to ripen. Mocking Bird Muse started as a poem about a prisoner/poet I knew when I worked as an artist at California Medical Facility in the '80s. It grew to 2 books (each consisting of 4 one-paper books containing one line of the poem and several photographs) and a small one-paper book.

Text of the finished writing is stretched by the images and constrained by the necessities of the origami-like construction. The text of these books reads:

Part one

This Jesus is a GONE poet
who combs his hair in precise exclamations!!
This poet has been known to steal crazy time.
He flies a mocking bird muse.
He stares into the sun.

Part two

He drives a yellow bus.
He eats flames.
His hunger is insatiable.
I wanted to tell my Father.

Part three

Mr. Funnywalk is not afraid of anything
(except what he can find in his own head.)
His own hands are tearing him apart.
Do you have any money?
What does this mean?
They say that somewhere along the way he lost his soul.

The construction of this book reveals a delicious geometry which I had not planned, but which gives me much pleasure.

The amulet behind the little window consists of a jute-wrapped harmonica, a bottle of poppie seeds, a frying pan, and a red thingy.

Digitally (and archivally) printed on Asuka. Technically this book cannot be editioned because the amulet behind the little window is not repeatable. But I would be happy to entertain proposals for an EV.