"Waterbook" is the second book I made inspired by the Adirondack environment where I received the gift of one month to make art at Blue Mountain Center. Eagle Lake is one of many in the area, beautiful and fragile. The waterlilies are protected due to acid rain.

This book was printed on clear film, each panel loosely bound, and made to be floated on the surface of the lake.

The found poem for this book is:

is the basis of the
fluids of living.
The waters
will make you
a fetus in the womb
a water plant

Waters - regarded as brilliance -
encourage plant growth.
The horses
drink water
by the River.

The eyes become full of
Leaving by ship.

a source of concern.

A glass

A house down by the lake

Your story:
to breathe
under water,
flowing water,
an abundance.

she swam on the surface.

We went for a swim
against) the tide.

Waterbook as installed in Robert Graves Gallery

Waterbook as installed in Robert Graves Gallery, Wenatchee Valley College, Fall 2015