Road Trip – Sam Houston

Gangly, gregarious Loblolly pine and oak woodland, with its rich undergrowth of dogwood, wax myrtle, and American beauty berry, that’s what was here when Sam Houston rode in. During my stay in Houston I saw 5 and 6 lanes of cemented torturous freeways, parkways, tollways, (lots of them), and beltways, not to mention roads. And still it is not enough.

Oola on Sam Houston's shoulder
Oola on Sam Houston's shoulder

I saw ugly clearcut behind thin facades of forest. I saw unvarnished clearcut, muddy swaths which the land owner devastated without even a plan for a construction project — swaths which my host told me can sit empty for years waiting for a buyer. And still it is not enough.

A whole city called “Woodland”.

Everywhere there are freeway construction, and reconstruction projects and clogged traffic. And still it is not enough because of the uncontrolled growth of sub divisions.

Oola and I made a stop at the Sam Houston statue on I45. Here she is riding at the top of his 76 foot height. He made me think of white shoe polish, the kind we had to layer onto our school shoes to make us look presentable — no matter what scuffs, dirty socks, or pinched toes were beneath the surface. Well we couldn’t help growing and getting dirty. Is it the same for Houston?

By jandove


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