Roadtrip to Morro Bay

Oola’s trip to Morro Bay.

Off again in the ubiquitous-blue Prius with Mom’s Memorial Chihuahua in the back window, this time to reunite with Morro Rock on the central coast of California.  Actually, Oola doesn’t remember Morro Rock, as she has been only a packet of plastic clay until recently,  at least in geological terms.
She was fascinated by seagulls and spent some time mothering a youngster.

Oola mothers a young seagull
Oola Mothers a Young Seagull

Also fascinated by Peregrine Falcons

Oola on Morro Rock
Oola on Morro Rock

Please excuse that she did not know about the prohibition on climbing to their nesting sites on the rock.

Mr. Rioso’s guitars

Part of the trip was to get Mr. Rioso’s guitars into the hands of some guitarists  and guitar dealers who will recognize their fine craftsmanship and easy playability.  To that end we visited More Music in Santa Cruz and left three guitars there where you can see and play them.  One is Mr. Rioso’s acoustic jazz guitar, an original take on a traditional floating bridge guitar design.  Here is Oola playing it on the beach.

To see more of Mr. Rioso’s guitars, to to

Oola plays a Mr. Rioso guitar on the beach at Morro Bay

You can see and play Mr Rioso’s rockin’ 5-string electric mandolin at Central Coast Music in Morro Bay.

5-string Electric Mandolin
5-String Electric Mandolin

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  1. Lovely electric mandolin — where could I get one of these? I passed your details on to Martin Stillion of Best, W.


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