Fine Craft Show at the San Luis Obispo Art Center

When you are next in San Luis Obispo, stop in at the SLO Art Center. There is nearly always a great exhibition there. I saw a wonderful show of fine craft that will be open until Jan 10.  It was juried by Scarlet Ching, and I was particularly impressed by the meticulous wood working. A sampling of works on exhibit –

Set of Drawers
A set of drawers by David Blackburn, Ventura County.

A dreamlike crate of very special eggs:

sculpture: rowboat with porcelain inserts
"Loaded with Potential" Katherine McBride, Soquel
sculpture: moon and container
"Luna 1" Bill Hrnjak, Nipomo

If there still remains a hierarchy in anyone’s mind concerning “Fine Art” and “the crafts”, the intuitive and evocative works in this show tear those distinctions to messy shreds.

By jandove


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