The end of waiting

More waiting, but at least the Albany terminal has WiFi as a matter of hospitality.

It’s muggy-warm, unlike the San Francisco rain that I dressed for.  My body is screaming for sleep, but my brain is too excited.  Soon enough Nick arrives in his pickup and we are on our way north, both reliving our fond memories of Blue and wondering what the next few days have in promise.

The road north is generically and just merely beautiful.  So much green to my eyes, which at home in West Oakland must seek comfort in my 4 square foot patch of nasturtiums.  Horizons, glorious horizons!

But then, we get into Blue Mountain and out of the weak air conditioning of the truck.  The heavy air is aggressive with SPRING.  There are wildflowers (real WILDflowers) and swallowtails, and large, fuzzy yellow-bottomed bees, and deer, and giant ants, and black flies, and loons, and all in a frenzy singing “Natura Naturans” on this first hot day of the year. Large cumulus clouds hover over the hills of trees.

Some of the newly arrived residents jump into the lake.  Oola yells to be be let out of the camera case. I go to my assigned room….I think I will just see how the bed feels.

By jandove


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