Home again, Jiggity Jog

As they say, all good things must.

I got home after much airport stress (no flights into or out of Chicago).  Was I going to be stranded in O’hare?  The Boarding official in Albany said there was a tiny chance that I might make my connection.  Mirabile dictu, the connecting plane was late, and after annoying several innocent line standers and making a fool of myself, I got on the right airplane, and caught the cold of the century.

But now I am on my feet again and have put together a quartet of images which have something to do with the Black Fly.


To see any of these images at a better resolution, go to www.jandove.com/index.php/artist-made-books/quartet

Blue Mountain Center is one of those rare, extraordinary organizations that provide space and time for an artist to work unobstructed on her/his art.  They provide this as a gift, free to artists of all economic backgrounds.  Without this free gift, I would never have been able to experience BMC.

Should you be looking for a worthy non-profit 501c3 to send your end-of-the-year donation to, consider BMC.  The current economic climate has not been kind to BMC.  Your generosity will help insure that there will be a Blue  for writers, artists, community organizers, and activists of the future.

So, until the next Road Trip with Oola ….. Practice, Practice, Practice

By jandove


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