Lori Johnson

I decided to take the road less traveled to New Mexico from the SF Bay Area, that is over the Sierra, down 395, then across on 40.  Ebbetts Pass is a narrow, windy road, but unspoiled and just fine for traveling lightly.

To get there, I decided to go to the south of Stockton and take Hwy 4 up through rolling orchards and fields of tomatoes.   A few miles east of Stockton I saw a site that demanded I turn around and investigate.

Lori Johnson
Lori Johnson

Seated by the side of Hwy 4 Lori Johnson holds her sign proclaiming “Jesus Saves”.  I know that for many this makes her an object of ridicule, but she and I talked and I came away with nothing but admiration for Lori.  She feels this is her calling, her ministry.  She travels from town to town and finds ways to witness for her belief.  Sometimes people  help her out, give her a place to stay.  The temperature where she sits was in the mid 90’s.  It was crisping my feet just in the short time we talked.  Yet she sits there witnessing with only some light colored clothing and a sign to protect her.


There is nothing wild-eyed about Lori.  We talked about traveling, about facing fears and doing what you need to do anyway. She talked about the people she meets, the things she sees on the road.  She is a clear-eyed woman, living  her life honestly and according to her lights.  She has Power and it pulled me off my road.

PS Lori, wherever you are, the email address you gave me doesn’t work.  Email me and I will send the picts I promised


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