Lana Bobele

I am staying with my friend Lana Bobele in Tome, south of Albuquerque, New Mexico.  She studied art with the great fibre artist, Neda Al-Hilali, at Scripps College in Claremont CA. When I first met Lana in our Morro Bay days she was making some wonderful “Spirit Bundles”.

spirit bundle, sedona creek walker
Sedona Creek Walker
spirit bundle, Mercurious
spirit bundle for Sarah
for Sarah

Spirit Bundles were collections of meaningful artifacts that depicted a time/space.  Using fibres, letters, found object and more Lana obsessively wrapped and stitched the components into anthropomorphic forms.

“Spirit Bundles” have morphed into “Prayer Flags” which were inspired by the Tibetan tradition.  Lana’s prayer flags are made from discarded clothing of friends and family, and other elements similar to the “Spirit Bundles”.

three prayer flags by Lana Bobele
Three Prayer Flags by Lana Bobele
detail of prayer flag
Prayer Flag, detail

Currently you can find Lana’s Prayer Flags at Crystal Source, a gallery outside of Toronto in Canada.

Recently her work has morphed once again, this time into artist/book form.  These books came out of her need to hold the artifacts of a meaningful transition.

Artist book, "Making my Way"
Artist book, "Making my Way"

artist book, "Making my Way", selected=

These books remind me of the work of another artist/friend, Sherri Lynn Wood, whom I met at a Blue Mountain Center event, and who helps people make Passage (Bereavement) Quilts

Lana is working now with Ambercare Hospice bereavement groups, helping participants to process loss.

Artist book, "Ken's Last Days"
Artist book, "Ken's Last Days"

Artist Book, "Ken's Last Days", selected=

By jandove



  1. Lana,

    Your work is wonderful. Fills the eyes…and the heart too. Hope that
    Jan’s visit is both comforting and exciting. When she visited in Houston,
    we did not want to let her go…ever. But, then we could not follow her as
    she takes to the road.

    Best Regards,
    Bob Sennhauser


  2. Thank you Bob for your kind words. Jan’s visit was very special. She gave of herself and of the precious time that she had allotted for her road trip to put this beautiful piece together. I learned so much.
    Take Care,


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