Albuquerque, NM

Oola and I packed up and took leave of my friend, Lana.  We set out for Albuquerque, where there was much Saturday morning activity in Old Town.  And we were reminded of the power of the REAL people to preserve tradition.

First we found a community of musicians, La Rondalla de Albuquerque who sing and play traditional New Mexican Music  on Saturdays, 10AM to noon. Click to see a short video from their performance.

La Rondalla de Albuquerque
La Rondalla de Albuquerque

Then, around the corner were tradition savers such as Bennard Dallasvuyaoma, artist,  educator and computer coder from the “old” days.  He creates Pima/Hopi Art.  I was attracted to his jewelry — and because Bennard is such a silver talker as well as a silver worker,  I got a treat for Mr. Rioso. We all need to support living local artists, Right?!

Bennard Dallasvuyaoma
Bennard Dallasvuyaoma

By the way, Bennard is a careful listener too.  Sign of a good teacher.

Now on to an ancient teacher: Chaco Canyon.

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