Stacy Hay

Stacy’s home is amazing.  There is art — completed and in process — everywhere.  There is no separation between her family’s lives and their art.

Stacy has been making monoprints since I have known her.  But she says that the prints she has made in the past years since she stopped being Artist Facilitator and started being a correctional counselor (read: overworked, undervalued, prison case worker) have not been satisfying to her and never felt finished.  So —  now that she is out of the prison business entirely —  she has started cutting them up and making collages.

Vortex, Stacy Hay
Vortex, Stacy Hay

They have a wonderful intelligence.  They are stories of short, high flights experienced by one who is spiritually bonded (in the best sense of the word) to Mother Earth.

Jitterbug 1
Jitterbug 1, Stacey Hay

I like how the process gives the viewer a “punched through” access to different layers of different worlds.

Jitterbug 2, Stacy Hay
Jitterbug 2, Stacy Hay
Blur Jitterbug, Stacy Hay
Blue Jitterbug, Stacy Hay

She thinks of them as divertimenti, little works that grow bit by bit as she “shuffles” creatively from project to project.  I for one would like to see these grow into giant “opuses”.  With her hard-earned new freedom, where might they go?

It’s time to thank Stacy and family for their warm hospitality during cold rainy days and frosty nights. Time to move on.
More adventures on the road will be coming, maybe in the Spring.

Jan and Oola

Click here for a short history of colorful Sonora.

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