Oola as Judith

I’m back from a road trip and supposed to be working on developing my new online class “Advanced CSS” at BCC.  But I’m still fired up from Sonora, and putting the finishing touches on this image is so much more fun.

Oola Beheading Holofernes
Oola beheading Holofernes, apologies to Artemisia

It’s just what I do, mucking about in Photoshop, putting Oola in sometimes awkward situations in Western Art History.  Some of you, gentle readers, may be familiar with the 17th century paintings of Artemesia Gentileschi.  One of my photos got in the way of the action here, and I am so grateful.  Oola however had a grand time working on some of her anger issues.

If you are not familiar with the paintings of Artemisia Gentileschi (she was a rock star of 17th century Europe), look her up.

You can see more images of Oola in Western Art History on my website, www.jandove.com and at Magcloud

Oh, and BTY, the mysterious guitar builder has a new website: www.wildcardguitars.NET

By jandove


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