Trip to Berkeley, Byron Spicer

Byron Spicer works in a studio space close to mine in West Oakland.  When Oola and I walked in we found Byron with Anne Austin, artist and director of the San Pablo Art Gallery, engrossed in choosing some of the tiny paintings which Byron nails to boards in layers to make big paintings.  Oola started cheering them on.

Byron Oola and Anne
Byron, Oola, and Anne choosing art.

Byron is an painter with a national reputation.  On the surface you see quirky, smiling, child-drawing faces.  Underneath is the work of a well-practiced and inspiring paintbrush. His goal is to create some “space for joy”. Quite a courageous thing to do in our post post-everything, ironclad ironic world of art. Oola loves it.

Byron Spicer in his studio
Byron Spicer in his studio

Here is a tiny detail from one of his works so you can get an idea of how his paintings, or “stacks”, are composed.

Byron Spicer, painting detail

Byron was our guest artist at the Jerry Adams Gallery at Berkeley City College last Fall.  You can see the work he presented in that show here:

Spicer, Easter Island
Byron Spicer, Easter Island

“Easter Island” is from an older series, but it is still one of my favorites.

To see more of Byron’s work:  You can sign up to get a free gift from him.

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