Trip to Berkeley, Sweet Adeline

Pies at Sweet Adeline
Pies at Sweet Adeline

Across the intersection from the “Here There” public art is our favorite place to sweet it out on occasional Sunday mornings.  Sweet Adeline is the community gathering point to get a good coffee and give witness with both eyes and mouth to the art of baking at its highest quality.

Sweet Adeline font door
Sweet Adeline font door

Jennifer Millar, owner and culinary artist, makes this a family friendly place where people (and sometimes their laptops) want to be.   Oola, the mysterious one, and I love to spend a sunny Sunday morning here, out front, in the shade of a purple tree.

Jennifer Millar
Jennifer keeps the place running.

Sweet Adeline is artist friendly.  There is always a good show on the wall.  Stuff to engage with, not space filler.

Sweet Adeline art wall
Sweet Adeline art wall

Sweet Adeline is dog friendly too.

special dog bones
special dog bones

Oola likes the dog bones, but this day she was trying to decide what to try next.

Oola Chooses
Oola Chooses

The background music, we noticed, is varied and, like the bakery, high quality.  Never so loud that you have to yell to be heard.

If I had to summarize this place I think the words would be “integrity”, and “Art” in the big sense of the word.

Find out more about Sweet Adeline and get directions to their place at their website:

By jandove


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  1. Damn…this is a great trip from Oakland to Berkley and back!!!
    You should speak to the Chamber of Commerce folks about putting it up on their web site…and also working for them.

    When you get finished with it, see what you can do with a “Trip” from your second floor to the front door.

    And, then I have another assignment for you. Post-Graduate work is hard:)


    in a couple of days will send you a lot of “B Boy Art.”


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