Trip to Berkeley, Gardens

Once I took a trip to Holland, and on a rail adventure from Amsterdam to Tilburg I was delighted by the way that the Dutch people used the smallest scraps of land to create gardens.  On my trip to Berkeley each day, I see the same energy behind fences and in open “empty” lots.

Oola's garden
Oola's garden

I have one myself in the five foot strip between the sidewalk and the building.  Oola loves to salt slugs out here and I am known on the street as “the tomato lady”.  My neighbors seem to prefer green tomatoes, and there is always plenty to share.  I am especially happy when no one vaults the fence to steal the plant in its pot.  Such incidents have dropped off in the past couple of years.  The perp has probably moved on to new territory — jail I hope.

There are more official gardens in the area.  City Slicker Gardens sponsors community gardens throughout the city.  Here’s a new one which lies close to my route.

City Slicker Farms
City Slicker Farms

Then there is this big private garden run by an artist.  The only info I found is that her name is Vicky Jo; I tried to contact her but had no luck.  I remember this wedge of land when it was Big Daddy’s car-related business that didn’t do much business.  Now it glows with sculpture and green stuff.

Garden Sculpture 1
Garden Sculpture 1
Garden Sculpture 2
Garden Sculpture 2
Compost and the freeway
Compost and the Freeway
Garden and Sculpture
City Life
City Life

By jandove


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  1. Thank you Jan once again for a terrific visit, this time to the gardens of your neighborhood. This has been such a great Summer traveling with you and Oola to visit the artists in their studios and to see the stuff that you have been curious about.
    I love it!


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