Trip to Point Reyes Station

No rain to drip from the deep ferns, but the ride through the slanted light in the redwoods gave Oola and me the requisite amount of awe to create a great day.

Also inspiring were the lycra encased muscles of the many manly bike riders on hills of Lucas Valley and Nicasio Valley roads.  They reminded me of the time when I stopped the car to let a woman lead a huge, mud splattered, rain drenched and steaming horse across the road.  The muscles working under that horse’s taut skin created an event of great beauty and amazement for me (and Oola).  Likewise, the haunches of the bike riders.

Anyway, destractions…

We were on our way to an opening reception for the artists at the current show in the Gallery Route One, in Point Reyes Station.

The show I am referring to is “Duration”, a juried show.  The visual interpretations of the theme offered great visual variety, from spiritual, to narrative,  playful, explorative, and more.

Oola fell in love with this crocheted typewriter complete with metal typebars.

crocheted typewriter by Marie Bergstedt
The Happiest Christmas Typewriter by Marie Bergstedt

Robert Arneson said of his typewriter with the red fingernails that he was doing work about the human condition.  Marie says that she is recapturing memories from her early years, but for me  this typewriter seems to speak from the secretary’s point of view — Making the best of what is given.  Marie says it reminds her of the feel of her fingers pushing against the keys to make a word happen.

You can see a detailed closeup and the wonderful details of this sculpture at

Oola and Marie and Jan's book
Oola and Marie, and Jan's book

Here is a shot of Oola and Marie talking, and next to them my  accordion-style  book of digital figure drawings.

There was another artist-made book in the show, one that I immediately grabbed me.

Knots by Joanna Kidd
Knots by Joanna Kidd

Here she literally ties word to word to make a book. There is a theme of knitting in her work, of demented pointed sticks, and stabs, and a determination to make her own space, even when the big red ball of yarn demands most of the rectangle.  Have a look at more of her work.  You will be well rewarded, as was I.

Jeffrey Sully
The Sweet Pulse by Jeffrey Sully

Jeffrey’s work is more about leading you to experience the process he went through to find his visual statement.  It is introspective work that will ignore you if you do not take the time to get close.  It is only in the evidence of layers and layers of painting and sanding that you begin to hear the poetry of the piece and see the delicate veins of the passage of time and experience.

Andrea Schwartz and ?Martin Webb
Andrea Schwartz and ?Martin Webb

This image includes the show’s Juror, Andrea Schwartz, of Andrea Schwartz Gallery in San Francisco.  I was very impressed with her choices for the show.  But I was also impressed with her generosity.  Most jurors in my experience tend to disappear.  Ms. Schwartz invited the artists to introduce themselves to her.  She took my pathetic card and gave me a good, encouraging lead.

I believe the second person in the picture is Martin Webb the painter whose images I was so attracted to.  I did not get to meet him, hence the “?” but I think it is a good guess.  I loved his paintings, with their dark, northern,  21century, Grimms fairytale feeling, with their Cassandra-like insistence.  Check out his website.  He is quite an impressive artist.

Martin Webb
Forest Home by Martin Webb

And the colors in his reproductions are so much better than my photos!

There were many more works Oola and I admired.  If you are in the area it is well worth the trip to see the show, and to experience the little town of Point Reyes Station (it has a locally-owned honest to goodness book store!, restaurants, a wool shop, a feed store in a barn with great green and yellow bails, lots of artists, and, and, and…). And it’s only a few miles away from the beautiful Point Reyes coast itself.

The show will be up until Feb. 19.  The gallery is located at 11101 Highway One, Point Reyes, CA 94956   (415) 663 1347  Open 11AM to 5PM Wednesday through Monday.

By jandove



  1. Once again I am transported to a wonderful place and event. I loved all of the work and can hardly wait to chase all of the tags.
    Thank you Oola and my dear friend for sharing this.


  2. Good taking AT you on the phone. Sorry! Glad that you have the two classes to teach.

    I found the work at the Point Reyes Station interesting, but derivative. That does not include your own. A wonderful book
    of drawings combined with photographic images. Many do it,
    but not as well as you. Your drawing skills are what
    bring it to the top. Your use of line(s), and the trillion ways you manipulate them, creates both a visual and emotion impact and
    the accordion book allows it all to flow as if it were a piece
    of music.

    Speak WITH you soon.



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