Oola as Antiope

Oola has taken time from her travels to take a nude modeling gig with this French artist guy, Watteau.

Oola as Antiope
Oola as Antiope

The back story is about this guy, Jupiter, who goes around spreading his DNA.  And I post it especially for those esteemed persons who like to do searches for “nude Oola”.  I’m sure they are looking for the green dancer, and they are into really high quality stuff.  Unlike those persons who do searches for “naked Oola”.

The wire-heads?  They are just fetishes I built and photographed.  I gave them a little contrapposto with the new Photoshop puppet warp tool.

You can see the real print, at 35″ x 46″ at the Art in the Atrium event at Berkeley City College, Saturday, May 5 from 11AM to 4:30PM.  BCC is located at 2050 Center Street, 1/2 block west of the Berkeley Downtown BART station.

You can also see a larger, online version at http://www.jandove.com/pages/oola.html.

By jandove


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  1. Oo-la-la! Oola.

    The daily lesson in semantics: naked vs nude. Few seem to see/
    understand the difference.

    Watteau needs a revival, or at least I believe so. Now that post-modernism has had it Achilles tendon cut might be the
    moment. Why not dedicate the next decade to writing the
    definitive biography?

    Keep ’em coming…



    ps: Thank you for the invitation to Art in the Atrium. You will feel
    my spirit in the atmosphere:)


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