Digital Mixed Media Show in Petaluma

First of all, thanks to all my well wishers. My class got enough enrollment and we are happily ensconced at BCC learning the mysteries of web design.


Wave detail
“Wave” detail

Two of my Artist Books are in a show of Digital Art of the Bay Area in the Petaluma Art Center.  The picture above is a detail of “Wave”, a free-standing, 3-dimensional book which measures about 15″ high, 24″ deep, and 60″ wide when fully opened.

I made it by first drawing from the live model directly into the computer by means of a Wacom tablet.  To create context for the figures, I mixed them up with photos I took at the Sound Wave Studio in West Oakland, and with miniatures of Persian kings which I found at the Alameda Flea Market.  When the layout was set, I digitally printed them on Japanese paper, and laminated front-to-back on heavier drawing paper (registration is next to impossible!).  I then cut out the pages being careful not to cut off any heads of the figures on the back side of the page (ouch), and bound the whole thing into an accordion style pop-out book.

I am very excited to be included in a show with such luminaries as Chuck Close and Hung Liu and and Enrique Chagoya and Squeak Carnwath!

Digital Mixed Media Show
Digital Mixed Media Show at Petaluma Art Center.  Image: “History Goes Around” by Squeak Carnwath.

If you are in the area, join us at the Opening, Saturday, July 14, from 4 – 6PM.  Petaluma Arts Center is located at 230 Lakeville St.,  Petaluma.  (707) 762 5600.

Oola will be there, but her nose is a bit out of joint since this is not about her.

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  1. Congrats, Jan. The Wave looks exciting. Would love to be a little closer. Kelly is in Sacramento for the week, working with a division of the State Dept. of Permitting. Has to do with a job her company is doing very close to Bakersfield. I am sure she will wave in your direction.



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