Father’s Day

Neither  Oola nor I traveled much this summer.  Oola lazed about an imaginary pool, and I took my daily walks in the center of one of the most famous and desirable areas in the world — our own SF Bay Area.  I like to go to the Emeryville Marina and walk the path from the Bay to the pier to the yacht harbor.  I follow the occasional suspicious sea lion and watch those amazing young men stay alive on their sail/boards or lift themselves high into the air with their kite/boards.  (I don’t know what the real names of those toys are, but they produce some amazing sport.)

I did have Oola help me scatter some nasturtiums on the Bay for Father’s day, and with a little help from the Mysterious One I just finished this artist book about the experience.

Here are some sample pages:

Muß ist eine harte nuß.
Muß ist eine harte nuß.
Your baptism with the sharks
Your baptism with the sharks
And your long journey.
A great thirst of small birds, And your long journey.

To see the full sequence, go to


By jandove


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  1. Hi Jan, Oola and The Mysterious One.

    Sounds like a verse from Down by the San Francisco Bay, by Jessie
    Fuller, Mississippi bluesman and one man band. Moved to S. F. during WW2 to build ships and stayed. Jack Elliot had a small hit with it in the 1960’s, but Fullers’, with him playing 5 instruments is a gas. Tears up them record groves.

    Will go to site and look at whole book. You are a one woman art-making band!



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