Infinity Detail

Here is a book that has been fermenting for a while. I’ve been tearing up old prints and making new ones from the pieces.  And I was curious about light coming through the paper. This version has been produced digitally.

Artists Book, Infinity
Infinity Detail

As the book emerged I saw that it wanted to take on some aspect of the infinity symbol.  So then – of course – there crept in that old nagging Catholic question, “What exactly is ‘Infinity’?”  “What exactly is ‘the moment’?”.  “What is ‘now’?- as soon as you are aware of now, it is ‘then’.  I hear that other animals don’t ask these questions.  Is that true?  What is “Truth”? Do other animals have “Truth”?………..

Infinity Detail, selected page
Infinity Detail, selected page
Infinity Detail, selected page
Infinity Detail, selected page
Infinity Detail, construction
Infinity Detail, construction

You can see more (and larger) details at

I had planned to post my reflections on a recent trip to see the Balclutha in SF. But after the event yesterday in Connecticut my mother/teacher heart was elsewhere.  It goes out to the families in that unspeakable tragedy, and to every parent who is holding children closer today.  May the healing begin soon for all.

By jandove



  1. Wonderful book, Jan. A couple of questions. (1) Are some of the photo images made with your camera, and (2) if they are, is the manipulation on the actual photo surface, or done in Photoshop?
    Does not matter to be, but are questions from a friend of mine, Bob Hirsch, who I sent to your web-site. Hope yesterday was a wonderful 25th of Dec. for all.



    1. Thanks for the thumbs up!

      All photos, including background textures, are taken with a digital camera. Most manipulation is done in Photoshop. I say “most” because the pages are soaked in paraffin which definitely effects the surface of the photograph in a physical way.

      The linear elements (drawing) were also done in Photoshop – but by hand and directly into the computer by means of a Wacom tablet.



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