Grand Canyon, May 30

It’s big.

Too big to take pictures of it.

Just sit and look.

Last night, when I came in, I saw how big the parking lots are.  Many parking lots.

I already knew that “Mad dogs and Englishmen go out in the noonday sun”.  So I was he first visitor on the excellent shuttle system, and the first one at Mather Point.  Had the whole thing to myself.

It’s big.

Disappointing really.  I had expected vibrant colors.  But evidently that happens only on special days when the smog hasn’t rolled in for the L.A. basin.

So, no pictures of any worth.  No drawings.  I spent the afternoon in the campsite, communing with the herd of elk that sauntered through a couple of times in search of stuff to eat.

elk in camp
elk in camp

Oh, and the lizards were good too.

lizard in the Grand Canyon
Lizard inspects the Grand Canyon and finds it to his liking.

I saw the Grand Canyon, but for whatever reasons, I guess I did not experience the Grand Canyon.

By jandove


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  1. Sorry that the smog from LA took away the color and gave you total atmospheric perspective. Sounds like me in the past speaking to my Color Theory class, in answer to, “Why are the distant mountains, buildings, fields, etc., grayblue?” You did sit and see those who’s home is the Grand Canyon and thus experienced the Canyon and its surrounding area. At least that is my opinion. Guess you now have to pick-up the pace and head for the festivities in the Big D. Drive careful…and if you are not following the weather reports…tornadoes are raging in Oklahoma again, and can come down into north Texas. God speed…


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