Grand Canyon, June 1

It seems I lost a day somewhere.  No matter, because my camera and I are in love again!  (Not to worry, Oh Mysterious One.  You are still first.)

The disappointment I experienced yesterday has been washed away, and I realize that I was not dispirited by the Grand Canyon but by what humans are doing to this great place.

The U. S. Park service has designated a car-free zone during the summer on the rim road of the west side of the park.  You can grab a ride on a free shuttle and, if you leave early enough, you share most of the morning with just a handful of well adjusted people like yourself.

Oola and I took a walk along the Rim Trail of Grand Canyon.  Visibility was markedly improved over yesterday’s.  The colors, and views were merely wonderful. And in four hours we shared the place with only about a dozen people. Over and over I felt my heart and other vital organs leap at sites like these:

You can click on the thumbnails to see enlargements.

Now, if they would only turn off the sound of the helicopters……

By jandove


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