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Readers of this blog may remember the show of Digital Art in the Petaluma Art Center, curated in part by my neighbors, Don and Era Farnsworth, who run Magnolia Editions, an atelier in West Oakland.

Don and Era Farnsworth with "Sacred Tree"
Don and Era Farnsworth with “Sacred Tree”

Here is a picture of them in front of one of their splendid tapestries.

In addition to being fine artists in their own right, they work and collaborate with many of the art luminaries of these times — Chuck Close, Hung Liu, Kiki Smith, Squeak Carnwath, Enrique Chagoya, William Wiley, and many more.  As a consequence they have  many opportunities to visit and participate in major exhibitions all over Europe, Japan, and more.  Right now they are in St. Petersburg.

They have an eye popping blog which is intelligently written and filled with beautiful pictures of Places one has read about, Art one has heard about, and Food that one could only dream about!  You can find it — the blog, that is — at

Give yourself a treat!

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