More Art from Blue Mountain Center Residency

The idea to pay homage to the water and the land here in the Adirondacks lead me to a second installation (in addition to the Waterbook in the last post).

Earth woman artist book
Earth woman

Here she is as installed in the woods outside my studio,,  She is an artist book of 16 panels with the image sections of Earth woman on one side and text on the other.

Earth woman text
Earth woman text

Here is a view of the text, which consists of definitions of land related words from which I highlight chosen words to create a kind of “found” poem.

If you were walking by this section of woods at  night with a flashlight, you might see this.

Earth Woman at night.

Paul, a fellow resident, suggested I try candle light.  He helped me, and we got this.

Earth Woman by candle light
Earth Woman by candle light

Here is a small section from the poem on the back of this piece.



I held my

‘seat,’ by association

with trees:

for the trees fail to grasp

overattention to details.


Plant a wooden structure

representing different


A man.

A challenge.

Bony antlers.


This book started as a photo of a small statue that watches over those of us who simply MUST read our email, (and write our blog).  Through the miracle of Photoshop I took the Christian crosses off her dress and replaced them with the logos of some environmental organizations.  Foremost on the list to my mind is the ban fracking movement.  If you haven’t heard what Obama and the BLM are up to right now, get info and submit your comments here.

This book will fold down to about 6″ x 17″ x 2″.  My next job is to create a book box for it.

Going home soon.

By jandove


1 comment

  1. Hi Jan,

    Blue Mountain Center should provide you with a bonus vacation
    week, so you get a little rest and sleep, before returning to CA to
    begin the teaching year.

    Water & Earth Woman books are wonderful. Sculptures in book
    form. Have you thought of buying welding & wood working equipment and doing sculpture?

    Seems you now need to build covers for both books. For the Water
    one, is it possible to build a clear plastic book that is filled with a
    thin gel like material? You would need a very tight closure, perhaps
    with gaskets and it would be a book to read in the shower. You can
    do it if you wish, as I doubt there is anything you cannot do. Don’t
    say NO, for as “once a parent always a parent,” it carries over to “once a teacher always a teacher.”

    Glad you are having such a productive month. Wonderful to see the interaction of the artists and writers with you and your books.




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