Words Are People Too

cover of Bob Pitta's book
Words Are People Too

Well, he finished it!  After seven years of research and rare insight, Bob Pitta (my demented brother and Oola’s long lost ….uh…. relative) has published his Encyclobodomy.

Back cover of Bob's book
Back cover of Bob’s book

A short example of middly placed words:



Definition: The Person in charge — on the job or on the jury

Etymology:  Because mankind only has five fingers on each of his hands, and because prior to the invention of colleges, he needed one of his hands to count the number of fingers on the other of his hands — for many years, mankind could only count to five.  Most men in those precollege days worked for someone else.  Most bosses, in order to guarantee that each of his men was working on whatever job was assigned, promoted the smartest guy in each group of five guys to be responsible for the productivity of the other four guys.  This ingenious method of dividing up the workforce allowed the guy who was promoted to crew boss to match a worker to each of his free fingers on one hand.  He used the other hand to count with.  The guy who was promoted generally saved one digit, usually the thumb, to represent himself.  Each crew boss was named THE FOREMAN, obviously because he had four men to keep track of.  The reason that they spelled it FOREMAN instead of FOUR-MEN was because, as previously noted, college hadn’t been invented yet.

Check it out, read more excerpts, and support my brother in his quest for higher knowledge at Amazon.com

By jandove



  1. Jan,

    At first I thought you were lampooning your brother, but your link to Amazon dispelled that. 🙂

    Hope all’s well this semester.




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