Trip to Sausalito

This weekend Oola and I took a ride over to Sausalito to the Opening Reception for “Big is Beautiful”.  This is a show of large work sponsored by Art Contemporary Marin in the BIG building that houses the Bay Model Visitor’s Center.

The Bay Model building foyer
The Bay Model building foyer

This trip turned into a twofer, the first being the show in the foyer of this building.  The photo above shows about half of the show, an eclectic array of work from the Bay Area where I found both kindred spirits and new ideas to mull over.

large art scroll

This was my piece in the show, a page from my Homeless Furniture artist book.  The linear elements and accompanying elements were drawn directly into the computer and the digital photographs added in Photoshop.  All is digitally printed on Japanese paper and hand finished.

Close by is a work by Jeannie O’Connor, “Ettie Street”.

" Ettie Street "
” Ettie Street “, painted film over chalk pastel, 36″ x 34”

Jeanne has a special way of working with intensity of light by printing on transparent and translucent film.  In this piece she painted on the back of the print.  The effect really can’t be seen in a reproduction. But up close and personal, this work tugged at my vital organs with it’s sense of intense compression (as if I had landed between the two sides of the film).  Strong sense of more-here-than-meets-the-eye.

Another work that stopped me in my tracks is John Brendan Williams’s “Dowski in WTF Land”.  Again, a reproduction can’t do justice to this work, especially because it is too large — 73″ x 51″ — to successfully reduce to screen size.

Dowski in WTF Land
Dowski in WTF Land

This is one of those pieces that you can get lost in, swallowed by detail, never to be seen again.  A 3000hour drawing printed and shaped on canvas!

Funnystrange to be so attracted to works that demand minute scrutiny in a show of BIG art!

But I said this day was a twofer.  On the other side of this great wall is an acre and a half sized model of the San Francisco and area waterways.  And here, for certain, pictures are better than words.  Click on images to see enlargements.

Bay Model, San Francisco area
Bay Model, San Francisco area from the east
Bay Model, San Francisco area
The Golden Gate. To the right I thought I saw the first glimmer of the future.

The tide flows in and out every 14 minutes.  We watched carefully but the little sailboats were not carried out to the ocean.

A great visualization of a powerful yet fragile system, this is a wonderful educational tool.  And it is free!

9 a.m.-4 p.m. Tuesday-Friday, 10 a.m.-5 p.m. Saturday-Sunday.
2100 Bridgeway, Sausalito. (415) 332-3871
Plenty of free parking.  Beautiful Bay vista.  This site includes a short video with historical footage showing the postwar plans to dam the SF Bay.  This model was built to demonstrate the catastrophe that would have ensued.

I said this trip was a twofer.  But when we left the model and came back to the art show we were delighted to find a  thirdfer:

The Siren Sisters

singing in striking harmony some steam-punk-child-ballads of doomed love.  The Siren Sisters are a subset of Pink Sabbath

If you are in the area you must take in “Big is Beautiful” (until Dec 31, 2013) and the Bay Model.  You won’t be sorry.

By jandove



  1. Thanks for the trip to Sausalito! I like the art work you showed, but
    my favorite work was yours. The bringing together of the computer
    drawing, the photographs and materials at the top & bottom of the
    scroll/book, has them visually feel as they existed as one, and you just picked up a scissor and cut then out from your field of vision. The drawing, with its sense of “created” depth, and the two photos which, though 2D, provide clues of depth that we have learned to
    read in photos. The two; the drawing and photo move forward and back with a rhythm, which is constrained by the material at the top and bottom. I think the Homeless Furniture suite is one of your most successful works: by themselves and as a series, but then what the hell do I know…


    Well…I know I really enjoyed the large model of the Bay Area.
    The singers look as if they are face-painted for the Dia los de Muertos.


    1. Wow!. I feel like I just peered into an ant hill and saw the queen and all those busy workers, and all those little white eggs! When the artist makes things up, so often the artist is not aware of the subterranean activity. Thanks for your observations!


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