Arrowmont School of Arts and Crafts

Oola and I arrived in Arrowmont Sunday afternoon after an idyllic drive through rolling, green hills and short question-mark times in some surreal vacation “hot-spots”.  We found our bunks, unpacked and began to poke about.

Arrowmont admin and galleries
Arrowmont admin and galleries

To California eyes, used to the dusty, rusty tones of August, there is amazement that everything is so green and moist.  And even at this time of year — the flowers!

extraordinary flowers, even at this late date

And everywhere galleries, inside and outside:

Melanie Eubanks
Totem poles of past wood-turners
teachers' gallery
Gallery of work by this term’s teachers

The book in the vitrine is by Dan, our teacher this week.

Daniel Mayers
Daniel Mayers, from Arizona with Kat

Dan is teacing printmaking for book making this week,  His is a knowledgeable, patient teacher who allows one to go one’s own path (which the Oola in me certainly has done this week). Even at this basic level  there is a wonderful variety of approaches by students in this class, some of whom are seasoned veterans and some of whom are beginners. I hope to be able to show you a range of the work tomorrow.

Our classroom
Our classroom

This picture was taken on the first day.  Matters have expanded exponentially since then.

There are 5 other classes going on, making for a great mix of conversation at meals.

Melanie Eubanks
Melanie Eubanks, from Mississippi

Melanie is my roomie, thoughtful and not a snorer.  She is involved in a class in which they make work derived from historic models.  Melanie’s model for this is a Minoan wine vessel.  Tsk,tsk.  She doesn’t have a website to show more of her wonderful work.

Here’s Luke, fiber artist of great fame, who quilts people’s portraits using their clothing as “materials”.

The Quilting teacher, Luke
The Quilting teacher, Luke

Next door to us is the paper-making contingent.

The paper-making patio
The paper-making patio

More to follow.  Right now I have to acquire the skill of successfully exposing photos on water-etch plates.





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