Oakland to Port Angeles

Sometimes a Road Trip is a journey of necessity.  I took such a trip last week when I left my lifelong home in the SF Bay Area to take up new (and more affordable) digs on the northern Olympic Peninsula.  On such a trip one usually does not do a lot of sight seeing due to the pile of the odds and ends of one’s life in the back seat of the car.

Still there is beauty and surprise to be encountered along the way.

evening colors
evening colors

I wonder about this rest stop.  Presumably it is advisable to let one’s pet get thoroughly wet before getting back in the car!

pet rest stop
pet rest stop

Morning frost

morning frost
morning frost

afternoon mist

misty day
misty day

and incongruity in a glimpse.

dog's best friend
dog’s best friend

There are fears to be confronted.  (This is a biggie for me.)


There are social issues to be mulled

rest stop beggar

and marital concerns to be pondered.

two-way road sign
two-way road

There is beauty such as is found on calendars.

Mt. Shasta in the morning
Mt. Shasta in the morning

And there is beauty to spite the real world.

view of Mt. Shasta
Another view of Mt. Shasta

There is that heady sensation called ALMOST THERE .

Quinault River bridge
Quinault River bridge

Finally, after three days, my new home.  We’re supposed to be able to see Canada from the front windows.

evening colors
view from the WildCard’s window

More to follow.




By jandove



  1. We spent Christmas in LaConner and just loved the area. I’m looking forward to reading more of your adventure since it’s not beyond the realm of possibilities that we head that way ourselves.


    1. You would love it here — as long as you do not want to set up a live-work situation. They don’t know what to do with us new fangled California (Berkeley!!!) artists. And we must not burn any bridges before their time.

      The mountains are spectacular, and looking close enough to touch. We don’t have studded tires, so we’ve decided to wait to climb into the heights, just in case we meet with black ice.


  2. Glad that trip was both safe, in all ways, and beautiful in most. Have a good start in the far north of the US. And…yes you do not want to burn any bridges with the natives.



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