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Mr. Wildcard can make more than guitars.  For those book makers out there who are interested in having a press clamp, here’s a honey-do the Wildcard recently did for me.

Press clamp
Press clamp

We bought a “delux press clamp” from Grizzly Industrial for $70.  The Wildcard scrounged up the off-fall from a maple butcher block counter top and some scrap walnut which he had stored and moved for the past several years.  I found the perfect breadboard of Black Acacia at our local big box store for $20.  Some nuts and bolts. Y voila!  A press for the book construction process, something I had always wanted but not put high on the list because I thought them too expensive.

He found he had to make a couple of small modifications: 1) sand the oil off the breadboard, and 2) add a cross piece near the center of the breadboard to keep it from spinning.

No more “heavy” art books to weigh down projects.  Maybe I can jettison Janson.

Thanks, hunny.

By jandove


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  1. Hi Steve Wildcard,

    That is a great book press you built. Can you patent it? Building them does not seem to time filling, but the shipping costs would probably have your customers all living in your town.

    Hi Jan,

    Yes, you can jettison Janson.
    Hope you are both well. Snow yet? Houston has just dropped out of the 80’s, but the clouds will not go away, though rain has been scarce. Kelly and I went to the Menil Collection today to enlighten our souls through our eyes. Viewed a couple of excellent shows.

    1-Microcosmos: Details from the Carpenter Collection of Arctic Art.
    Much of which was from 250 BCE to 500 CE. Incredible harpoon
    heads, needle cases, ceremonial objects, etc., carved from
    walrus ivory, but turned brown to black due to the time spent
    buried in the permafrost. Best for me were to masks, one a wolf
    and the other a caribou, carved as seen from the side, so to make
    a complete face the predator and prey, have to be joined
    together. What a sophisticated concept.
    2-Apparotions: Frottages and Rubbings from 1860 to Now.
    Ernest, of course, and some of the most interesting, but a
    couple of Czech artists, Alina Szapocznikow & Jindrich Styrske,
    who I had never hear of, and who’s names seem beyond the
    human ability to pronounce, even with my Polish DNA. I wanted to
    grab some paper and run outside the Menil and start rubbing
    everything. Perhaps good that the non-existent rain had come.


    Love to both of you.


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