My book “Build” which I featured on this blog several weeks ago was accepted into a show called “Built” at 23 Sandy Gallery in Portland OR. which opens next week.  It is a book about things to build in the time of tyrants.

If you are in the area, drop in and have a look.  It promises to be a great show.  You can check out the online portfolio here, and you can tell Oola if I am wrong.  We’re taking the train down and would be happy to see you at the opening.

2 thoughts on ““Built” at 23 Sandy

  1. Hi Jan,

    Great that your book Build (excellent!) is in the show.
    Spent the past hour looking through all the books in
    the exhibition. Many are excellent, and really nice to
    see the different book forms used; also the variety of
    materials used. Only you using small rocks from a
    local stream.

    Enjoy your trip, and may the sun, instead of snow be
    with you.



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