Seminole Canyon

Seminole Canyon, artist book cover
Seminole Canyon, cover

It’s been a while, but here’s a new one, still-in-process of becoming an artist book — notes from my journey around the United States after calling it quits with teaching art in the California prison system.  This segment of the trip starts in southwest Texas during the freeze of an ice storm and ends up on the Rio Grande during the aftermath of same storm.

meeting Santa Claus


By jandove



  1. Hi Jan,

    Been thinking of you lately, but that is as far as it has gotten. Busy, and lots happening. Will send an email in next couple of days. Have already voted, but am afraid of waking up on Weds morning and seeing local & national results.

    But, this is about books! Seminole Canyon is a winner. You have been elected the best artist-bookmaker in the State of Washington. Your illustrations are fantastic, and enlarging the pages as much as possible I read even sentence, partial sentence, word, and partial word. Will spend the night with dreams, which fill in the missing sentences and words.

    Is the cover paper 3D(ish), or just an illusion? Crazy about it either way. Glad that is stands alone with out an image or

    Will leave you with a hug… and get an email off in next couple of days.



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