The Landlord

This was before Oola’s time so she cannot tell the tale.  Mr. Rioso and I used to live in Morro Bay, in a hippy hut on the bluff above the embarcadero.  I had built two walls-with-doors on a lean-to garage on the side of the tiny house so I could have a studio, where I… Continue reading The Landlord

Fine Craft Show at the San Luis Obispo Art Center

When you are next in San Luis Obispo, stop in at the SLO Art Center. There is nearly always a great exhibition there. I saw a wonderful show of fine craft that will be open until Jan 10.  It was juried by Scarlet Ching, and I was particularly impressed by the meticulous wood working. A… Continue reading Fine Craft Show at the San Luis Obispo Art Center

Roadtrip to Morro Bay

Oola’s trip to Morro Bay. Off again in the ubiquitous-blue Prius with Mom’s Memorial Chihuahua in the back window, this time to reunite with Morro Rock on the central coast of California.  Actually, Oola doesn’t remember Morro Rock, as she has been only a packet of plastic clay until recently,  at least in geological terms. She… Continue reading Roadtrip to Morro Bay