HWY 40 to New Mexico

Readers of this blog may have noticed a hiatus in this series.  I will get to the reason for that in a minute, but first, some of the experiences along Hwy 40 from Arizona to New Mexico and along the old Route 66. 50,000 years ago a large meteor hit what is now the desert… Continue reading HWY 40 to New Mexico

Crossing the Desert, May 29

Hwy 395 in California is beautimous.  That is where I saw the rainbow, and yes, that was a for-real picture, as true as photos ever are.  I didn’t mess with it. Honest.  Funny how people used to think photos were true.  Now, with Photoshop, everyone assumes they are lies of some kind.  (Well, usually they… Continue reading Crossing the Desert, May 29

Crossing the Sierras, May 28

One muddy, soggy tent shoved into Mom’s Memorial Prius and we are finally ready to enter Yosemite.  One rainfall cannot ruin a day up here.  We see dogwood in bloom, unassuming, just on the side of the road. You can’t swing a camera without focusing on something magnificent.  It is too easy — and too… Continue reading Crossing the Sierras, May 28

Crossing the Sierras, May 27

The first drops of rain were falling as we rolled up to our campsite late in the afternoon.  We were at about 4000 ft. about 30 miles west of the entrance to Yosemite on Hwy 120. Oola, always one for adventure, urged me to pitch the tent.  Somewhere close by there was a small herd… Continue reading Crossing the Sierras, May 27

Road Trip to Dallas

It’s time to hit the road again.  Oola and I are going to Dallas – with stops along the way –  to a family wedding. Before the camera, people on the Grand Tour would keep their observations in a sketchbook.  This ties in perfectly with my conviction that I remember places and things I take the… Continue reading Road Trip to Dallas