Road Trip – Going Home

Oola and I had more adventures.  There was the trip to Galveston with Bob and Kelly Sennhauser.  We saw lots of hurricane Ike destruction, and lots of wet phoenixes rising from the flood.  We visited Maggie, also a Chicago Art Institute graduate, whose beautiful house had been ankle deep in water, though it sits plenty… Continue reading Road Trip – Going Home

Road Trip – the Alamo

What is it about Texas cities and me that I always get lost? I simply never see those non-existent street signs. And highway names? Don’t get me started. After a roundabout, Oola and I finally found the Alamo, which is good because she had her heart set on seeing it and insisted I not give… Continue reading Road Trip – the Alamo

Road Trip – Sam Houston

Gangly, gregarious Loblolly pine and oak woodland, with its rich undergrowth of dogwood, wax myrtle, and American beauty berry, that’s what was here when Sam Houston rode in. During my stay in Houston I saw 5 and 6 lanes of cemented torturous freeways, parkways, tollways, (lots of them), and beltways, not to mention roads. And… Continue reading Road Trip – Sam Houston

Road Trip to Texas

v Hi world. This is Oola. She and I have spent a frozen overnight in a rest stop east of Los Angeles. This is our trip to Texas. We got a late start for many reasons including the need to turn in grades, (I teach Web Design at Berkeley City College), finish the revamp of… Continue reading Road Trip to Texas