Trip to Berkeley, Berkeley City College

Summer semester is over and the grades are done.  This will be the last stop on this road trip from my studio to Berkeley City College where I teach. If you want a class, sign up for it early, because, with all the cutbacks, competition for classes is fierce. I teach in the Multimedia Arts… Continue reading Trip to Berkeley, Berkeley City College

Trip to Berkeley, Supplies

Artists need supplies, and there is an abundance of suppliers in Oakland/Berkeley.  Just a few, on my route to work: There are 3 large, traditional art supply stores, but the one on my route, and my favorite, is Artist and Craftsmen Supplies on Shattuck Ave. Oola and I like finding new ways to make marks,… Continue reading Trip to Berkeley, Supplies

Trip to Berkeley, more Artists’ Studios

It occurs to me that I have not given a good idea of how many artist studios there are in this area.  Places where artist retreat to work on their ideas.  There are LOTS.  Just within 6 square blocks of my studio there are 6 buildings full of studio spaces. About 10 years ago we… Continue reading Trip to Berkeley, more Artists’ Studios

Trip to Berkeley, Sweet Adeline

Across the intersection from the “Here There” public art is our favorite place to sweet it out on occasional Sunday mornings.  Sweet Adeline is the community gathering point to get a good coffee and give witness with both eyes and mouth to the art of baking at its highest quality. Jennifer Millar, owner and culinary… Continue reading Trip to Berkeley, Sweet Adeline

Trip to Berkeley, Murals

On Alcatraz St., one block west of my route, lives a mural by Youth Spirit Artworks. This is an organization dedicated to giving jobs and job training to older youth in the SF Bay Area. This mural caught my eye once while I was on an alternate route into Berkeley, and it stayed in my… Continue reading Trip to Berkeley, Murals

Trip to Berkeley, Sgraffito

I drive past this doorway every day. I watched it grow.  It is just – simply –  spectacular. This is the doorway to Sgraffito Workshop, and Oola and I were privileged to make use of it.  Lawrence Gandsey and Daryl Rush work here.  I first met Lawrence through the website which Renate Woodbury,  designer and… Continue reading Trip to Berkeley, Sgraffito

Trip to Berkeley, Public Art

Where Oakland meets Berkeley at Adeline and Stanford and Martin Luther King Jr. Way, and where BART goes underground, there is a new(ish) public sculpture that people call “Here There”. Curious story:  It seems that the women of the knitting circle across the street got their undies in a bunch over the word “There”, as… Continue reading Trip to Berkeley, Public Art

Trip to Berkeley, Hardware Store

For an artist the hardware store can be a favorite and mighty resource.  The artist’s hardware store is a place where one can go to get help finding stuff that will solve problems.  A good hardware store doesn’t distract from or break the flow of the creative process. Shortly after we moved to this area,… Continue reading Trip to Berkeley, Hardware Store

Trip to Berkeley, Phat Beets Farmer’s Market and Inspector Gadje Brass Band

Phat Beets Produce is a community collective organized to bring food justice, community gardens, and farmers markets to an area … that needs them. Oola and I like going to a small market held each Saturday in the parking lot of a medical clinic in North Oakland. “Phat Beets Produce aims to create a healthier,… Continue reading Trip to Berkeley, Phat Beets Farmer’s Market and Inspector Gadje Brass Band