Trip to Berkeley, Magnolia Editions

A few steps from Byron Spicer’s studio is Magnolia Editions, a fine-art print studio.  Oola and I made a trip over there during the recent East Bay Open Studios.  There was so much going on that it is hard to know where to start. Inside the front door is a gallery of work produced in… Continue reading Trip to Berkeley, Magnolia Editions

Trip to Berkeley, Byron Spicer

Byron Spicer works in a studio space close to mine in West Oakland.  When Oola and I walked in we found Byron with Anne Austin, artist and director of the San Pablo Art Gallery, engrossed in choosing some of the tiny paintings which Byron nails to boards in layers to make big paintings.  Oola started… Continue reading Trip to Berkeley, Byron Spicer

Trip to Berkeley, Wildcard Guitars

Starting at beginning of the Trip to Berkeley posts: When you come to Wildcard Guitars (formerly known as Mr. Rioso Guitars), you will recognize it by this clever sign.  Ring his bell and be taken upstairs to his loft shop.  It seems very cramped, but the Wildcard says there are many luthier shops in the… Continue reading Trip to Berkeley, Wildcard Guitars

Roadtrip from West Oakland to Berkeley

When I tell people I have maintained a studio in West Oakland for almost 16 years, sometimes I can observe a certain enlargement in their eyes.  Yes, it is a neighborhood with its share of problems.  Some of its more annoying aspects are the people who drive in from the burbs to leave their refuse… Continue reading Roadtrip from West Oakland to Berkeley