Oola as Judith

I’m back from a road trip and supposed to be working on developing my new online class “Advanced CSS” at BCC.  But I’m still fired up from Sonora, and putting the finishing touches on this image is so much more fun. It’s just what I do, mucking about in Photoshop, putting Oola in sometimes awkward… Continue reading Oola as Judith

Stacy Hay

Stacy’s home is amazing.  There is art — completed and in process — everywhere.  There is no separation between her family’s lives and their art. Stacy has been making monoprints since I have known her.  But she says that the prints she has made in the past years since she stopped being Artist Facilitator and… Continue reading Stacy Hay

Trip to Sonora

It’s raining and Oola and I are in Sonora in  California’s mother lode to visit a friend from my Prison Arts days, Stacy Hay.  All during the leisurely drive up here on Hwy 120 I had time to remember my past many trips on this road and to note the changes – mostly bigger little… Continue reading Trip to Sonora