Chronicles in the Time of Corona

  • Chronicles in the Time of Corona
  • Morning of worlds apart
  • Hurricane in the corner
  • Days of necessary deferral--with gift
  • But no parade this year
  • Isolation to bursting, creatures of discontent
  • Flowers of Volcan, wings for the disconnected
  • Calm the noise, find thanks to give
  • Startled recognition of other masked isolations, sidewalk pacing
  • For the unmasked--fallout casserole with crushed potato chips
  • Elegy for the child of a collapsing sphere
  • Binary dreams and cold comfort. What price would you pay?
video (1:19 minutes)

Each image contains a cartouche filled with calligraphy invented from lines in the image. To the left is a rough “translation” of the words in that cartouche.

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