This book started from one of those dreams some of us are plagued with – the one where you drive round and around and either you never get back to the beginning or you pass the beginning/end repeatedly.  

It is also about a memory of a specific experience in a place that no longer exists.

It consists of two physical parts. The first is a small accordion book of artist written text. The second is the carousel construction in which the universal dog tries and tries to get through the fences to the memory in the trees.

Some of the vignettes behind the fence might seem oddly familiar. A couple are secrets or very personal. The viewer is invited to get very close to the fence to figure out the stories.

The text, which does not configure exactly stanza to panel:



To place memories on
a long-lost map.


How quiet the air
all that long night vigil!

At the time
they could not understand
the stillness of the dead.


Hoop of long white skirts

Turn, turn, turn, clap.
Turn, turn, turn, clap.
The accordion, the dance.


Long sighs of
olive trees
rise from an ordered plot.

Freedom –
another illusion smashed.


It was always the motherhouse.

Even now
universal dog
tries to find the way back
to something long unfinished.

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