There are artists who can work under the restrictions of a theme.  There are some who prefer to muddle about and try to make sense of what happens.  Well — it’s more complicated than that, but I am definitely one of the latter. Once some of my students and I went on a field trip… Continue reading Dirt

Webster’s Woods at the Port Angeles Fine Arts Center

On the slope rising from the Straits of Juan de Fuca to the Olympic Mountains there is a circular home called the Port Angeles Fine Arts Center.  I use the word “home” advisedly because it is the place where once lived Esther and Charles Webster.  Now, thanks to Esther, it is the home for much… Continue reading Webster’s Woods at the Port Angeles Fine Arts Center

Arrowmont School of Arts and Crafts

Oola and I arrived in Arrowmont Sunday afternoon after an idyllic drive through rolling, green hills and short question-mark times in some surreal vacation “hot-spots”.  We found our bunks, unpacked and began to poke about. To California eyes, used to the dusty, rusty tones of August, there is amazement that everything is so green and… Continue reading Arrowmont School of Arts and Crafts

Women Artists of the World interview

The blog of the International Foundation for Women Artistshas published a generous interview that they did with me and Oola.  They highlighted some words that I share with my students That which you loved as a child, that is your truest instinct.  Abandon it and you will never be happy. If you would like to… Continue reading Women Artists of the World interview

The Bus

Some of you may wonder where I have been, and what I have been up to for the past several weeks. Well, here’s a short video I made about a bus ride.  It’s for anyone who has ever been in a place (physical, spiritual, professional….) where they would rather not be. I made the “music”… Continue reading The Bus

Artist Books in the Digital Age

Just in case you are in the northern San Francisco Bay Area on Sunday, March 23, 2 – 4PM, check this out: There is a rare book and print treasury at the JFK Library in Vallejo called the McCune Collection.  Jan has been invited to lecture for about an hour in the McCune room on… Continue reading Artist Books in the Digital Age

Trip to Oakland, ProArts

Granted, this is really not a “road” trip for us, but for someone living in Denver it could be…. After months of a dehydrated rainy season, we finally got some rain.  Oola and I are waterproof, so umbrellas in hands we headed out to an Opening Reception for a show at ProArts Gallery, in Civic… Continue reading Trip to Oakland, ProArts

Trip to Sausalito

This weekend Oola and I took a ride over to Sausalito to the Opening Reception for “Big is Beautiful”.  This is a show of large work sponsored by Art Contemporary Marin in the BIG building that houses the Bay Model Visitor’s Center. This trip turned into a twofer, the first being the show in the… Continue reading Trip to Sausalito

Visual Bon-Bon

Getting close to finishing an Idea which hatched during my residency at Blue Mountain Center, and that is a box of visual bon-bons.  In actuality they are geometric puzzles to which I added photographs, prints and drawings.  You can find these puzzles on the internet by searching for “flexagons”. One fairly simple puzzle with an… Continue reading Visual Bon-Bon