Scenes and Musings in Port Angeles

If you come to visit Port Angeles, you will be captivated by its beauty.  If you stay for a while, you will get a more realistic look.  This is a artist book about the Port Angeles that is growing in my heart. 1. Here’s how it happens. The clouds sink under the mountains to the… Continue reading Scenes and Musings in Port Angeles


There are artists who can work under the restrictions of a theme.  There are some who prefer to muddle about and try to make sense of what happens.  Well — it’s more complicated than that, but I am definitely one of the latter. Once some of my students and I went on a field trip… Continue reading Dirt

Drum Leaf Binding

Open Road is constructed on text from “Song of the Open Road” by Walt Witman. In the original book the images are linoleum prints.  I showed this book earlier in this blog. In response to requests to know how to do drum leaf binding I took some picts while making a copy of “Open Road”… Continue reading Drum Leaf Binding

Trip to Oakland, ProArts

Granted, this is really not a “road” trip for us, but for someone living in Denver it could be…. After months of a dehydrated rainy season, we finally got some rain.  Oola and I are waterproof, so umbrellas in hands we headed out to an Opening Reception for a show at ProArts Gallery, in Civic… Continue reading Trip to Oakland, ProArts

Infinity Detail

Here is a book that has been fermenting for a while. I’ve been tearing up old prints and making new ones from the pieces.  And I was curious about light coming through the paper. This version has been produced digitally. As the book emerged I saw that it wanted to take on some aspect of… Continue reading Infinity Detail

Death Valley revisited in an Artist Book

While Oola was working on her gig with Watteau, I was sifting through images taken while I was walking through Golden Canyon in Death Valley.  (If you are a regular reader of this blog, you may remember the incident of the smoking brakes last winter.)  The result was an artist book called — amazingly enough… Continue reading Death Valley revisited in an Artist Book