Book Arts Guild at Suzzallo Library

Last week Oola and I went to a meeting/show-and-tell at the Book Arts Guild in Seattle.  The meeting itself was held in the amazing building — the Suzzallo Library, University of Washington. We got there after dark so there are not many picts but you can see more of this architecture, including the part sometimes… Continue reading Book Arts Guild at Suzzallo Library

Trip to Bellingham and the Whatcom Museum, Part two

There are as many ways to define Artist Books as there are people (artists, curators, collectors, critics, librarians, lovers of art…) involved in the Artist Book phenomenon.  Rules — there are probably a lot fewer rules than there are definitions because frankly, my dear, the artists don’t give a damn.  Sandra Kroupa, Book Arts &… Continue reading Trip to Bellingham and the Whatcom Museum, Part two

Singular Artist Books at Robert Graves Gallery

Last week, Oola and I mounted a show of my artist books in the Robert Graves Gallery at Wenatchee Valley College in Wenatchee, Washington.  Oola has weak arms but an indomitable spirit.  We survived the adventure thanks to all the help we got. I made a new book called “Conversation with Stones” for this exhibition. … Continue reading Singular Artist Books at Robert Graves Gallery

Artist Book Collection at Bainbridge Island Museum of Art

A few weeks ago Oola and I headed for beautiful Bainbridge Island to see a show of artist books in the jewel-like Bainbridge Island Museum of Art. We had made reservations to hear Cynthia Sears talk about the work in a show called “Artist’s Books Chapter Five: Women, Now and Then” in the Sherry Grover… Continue reading Artist Book Collection at Bainbridge Island Museum of Art

Mocking Bird Muse

You can click on the small images to see  larger versions. Mom’s Memorial Prius now bears the dimples bestowed by “quarter-size hail” from a sudden thunderstorm that enveloped our climb into the Sierras during the last homeward trek.  Luckily nobody skidded off the road, and no glass was broken.  Scary though, when the windshield goes… Continue reading Mocking Bird Muse

Road Trip to Tennessee

Oola dons her party dress once again as we plan a road trip to Arrowmont School of Arts and Crafts in Gatlinberg, TN. I’ve warned her that it might get a bit sticky/scratchy inside that bit of polyester and nylon fluff.  But she won’t hear it. I am taking a workshop called Low-tech/High-octane: Printmaking for Artist’s Books taught… Continue reading Road Trip to Tennessee

“Bookworks 2014” at the SFPL

Yesterday Oola and I took BART to San Francisco to help install a show of handmade books from the Pacific Center for the Book Arts right there in Civic Center, in the Public Library.  There was plenty of unpacking, lip smacking, list checking, and a little bit of worry that there wouldn’t be enough room… Continue reading “Bookworks 2014” at the SFPL

East Bay Open Studios, 2014

In case you are in the Bay Area during one of the next two weekends — I will be showing my art with Jessica Phrogus, at her studio on 2220 Acton St. in Berkeley, June 7-8 and June 14-15 from 11AM to 6PM. You are welcome to drop by.  I will be demonstrating the Coptic… Continue reading East Bay Open Studios, 2014

The Book of Bon Bons

Flexagons.  For the past few years I have been taking delight in playing with these geometric puzzles.  You start with a flat piece of paper.  Add a little fold, a little glue, and voila! — three or four pictures where you thought there were only 2.  Well, actually, it’s a little deeper than that.  First… Continue reading The Book of Bon Bons

Artist Books in the Digital Age

Just in case you are in the northern San Francisco Bay Area on Sunday, March 23, 2 – 4PM, check this out: There is a rare book and print treasury at the JFK Library in Vallejo called the McCune Collection.  Jan has been invited to lecture for about an hour in the McCune room on… Continue reading Artist Books in the Digital Age