Digital Mixed Media Show in Petaluma

First of all, thanks to all my well wishers. My class got enough enrollment and we are happily ensconced at BCC learning the mysteries of web design. Secondly, Two of my Artist Books are in a show of Digital Art of the Bay Area in the Petaluma Art Center.  The picture above is a detail… Continue reading Digital Mixed Media Show in Petaluma

Death Valley revisited in an Artist Book

While Oola was working on her gig with Watteau, I was sifting through images taken while I was walking through Golden Canyon in Death Valley.  (If you are a regular reader of this blog, you may remember the incident of the smoking brakes last winter.)  The result was an artist book called — amazingly enough… Continue reading Death Valley revisited in an Artist Book

Trip to Point Reyes Station

No rain to drip from the deep ferns, but the ride through the slanted light in the redwoods gave Oola and me the requisite amount of awe to create a great day. Also inspiring were the lycra encased muscles of the many manly bike riders on hills of Lucas Valley and Nicasio Valley roads.  They… Continue reading Trip to Point Reyes Station

Lana Bobele

I am staying with my friend Lana Bobele in Tome, south of Albuquerque, New Mexico.  She studied art with the great fibre artist, Neda Al-Hilali, at Scripps College in Claremont CA. When I first met Lana in our Morro Bay days she was making some wonderful “Spirit Bundles”. Spirit Bundles were collections of meaningful artifacts… Continue reading Lana Bobele