Oola vs the Forces of Evil and Dismay

Click on the card to see a larger version. Following on the chicken/egg question – and along the lines of  “Does language express our concepts, or does language create our concepts” – in this body of art and tomfoolery Jan asks “Are images the result of our perceptions, hopes, and fears, or do images create… Continue reading Oola vs the Forces of Evil and Dismay

Trip to Berkeley, Berkeley City College

Summer semester is over and the grades are done.  This will be the last stop on this road trip from my studio to Berkeley City College where I teach. If you want a class, sign up for it early, because, with all the cutbacks, competition for classes is fierce. I teach in the Multimedia Arts… Continue reading Trip to Berkeley, Berkeley City College

Oola as Judith

I’m back from a road trip and supposed to be working on developing my new online class “Advanced CSS” at BCC.  But I’m still fired up from Sonora, and putting the finishing touches on this image is so much more fun. It’s just what I do, mucking about in Photoshop, putting Oola in sometimes awkward… Continue reading Oola as Judith