The Horsemen of the 21st Century

The drawings have been getting darker over the past year.  In my new artist book The Horsemen of the 21st Century I remember an event from one night of camping in the Sierras. We are tented on frosted ground near the edge of a night forest. A pounding of hooves rushes close by. Deer? we… Continue reading The Horsemen of the 21st Century

Northwest River Stones

photo: Randy Powell All through the Northwest cold weather I worked on this collection of drawings, photos and assemblages about, to, and for the humble river stone. Like most humans they are abundant and self effacing (with a few notable exceptions!) and their beauty can be quite profound when one takes the energy to really… Continue reading Northwest River Stones

Artist Books in the Digital Age

Just in case you are in the northern San Francisco Bay Area on Sunday, March 23, 2 – 4PM, check this out: There is a rare book and print treasury at the JFK Library in Vallejo called the McCune Collection.  Jan has been invited to lecture for about an hour in the McCune room on… Continue reading Artist Books in the Digital Age

Visual Bon-Bon

Getting close to finishing an Idea which hatched during my residency at Blue Mountain Center, and that is a box of visual bon-bons.  In actuality they are geometric puzzles to which I added photographs, prints and drawings.  You can find these puzzles on the internet by searching for “flexagons”. One fairly simple puzzle with an… Continue reading Visual Bon-Bon

Road Trip to Dallas

It’s time to hit the road again.  Oola and I are going to Dallas – with stops along the way –  to a family wedding. Before the camera, people on the Grand Tour would keep their observations in a sketchbook.  This ties in perfectly with my conviction that I remember places and things I take the… Continue reading Road Trip to Dallas

Fourth Street Studios

Within the memory of living artists there  exists the dregs of an attitude toward photography that said, photography is not Art.  It is merely a technical production of an image.  Painting is “Art”.  This attitude has fortunately waned. And I remember an art professor who insisted that etching was art, but silkscreen was not, because… Continue reading Fourth Street Studios

Oola vs the Forces of Evil and Dismay

Click on the card to see a larger version. Following on the chicken/egg question – and along the lines of  “Does language express our concepts, or does language create our concepts” – in this body of art and tomfoolery Jan asks “Are images the result of our perceptions, hopes, and fears, or do images create… Continue reading Oola vs the Forces of Evil and Dismay