The Horsemen of the 21st Century

The Horsemen of the 21st Century
The Horsemen of the 21st Century

The drawings have been getting darker over the past year.  In my new artist book The Horsemen of the 21st Century I remember an event from one night of camping in the Sierras.

We are tented on frosted ground near the edge of a night forest.
A pounding of hooves rushes close by.

Deer? we ask. Let’s hope it is not those four horsemen late for a logistics meeting.

Somehow I just can’t get past the feeling that those guys from the Bible and from the Fellowship of the Ring are more active than usual lately.

edition of 15

Ultra chrome pigments printed on Canson Infinity Rag Photographique, backed with Rives BFK and joined with Tyvek

Accordion fold construction with nylon tent material for a cover

The drawings are started in photoshop by drawing figure studies into transparent layers from which some lines are selected and combined in new ways with some of my photographs until a new image emerges.  They are printed archival on an inkjet printer, then bound into a book form.


Green, Green, Green, and granite!  It was heavenly, the leisurely drive over Ebbetts Pass.  I decided to camp and found a delightful spot at above 7,000 ft. with mountain peaks all around.  There was no moon until late, and the stars were (of course) amazing. And ME WITH NO TRIPOD!  So I braced my camera on the camp table (there was, of course, no way to compose.  I exposed for 30seconds at f/5.6 and 3200ISO.  (Using a Canon EOS T2i and Tamron 17 – 50, f/2.8 for anyone who wants to know).  And Voila! it worked.

stars and trees
starry night

During the night Oola and I worried that since the sign said “This is Bear Country” we would hear snuffing and snorting outside the tent. There was none of that.

About midnight I heard several hooved somethings running along the nearby creek.  Probaby deer, but Oola lay there hoping it was not the Four Horsemen on their way to a logistics meeting.

At about 2AM when the moon rose we heard the song and yipping of the coyote, echoing off all the surrounding granite.  It was truly magical.

But there was no magic to help my hip bones.  I don’t ever remember the ground being so hard.  Even now, Oola keeps whispering in my ear “air mattress, air mattress,  old bones need air mattress….”

We didn’t get much sleep, but after the singing of the coyote I poked my head out of the tent and saw the site flushed with moonlight.  So I had to try the camera again, this time the camp table would be the subject.  But remember, I’m sitting in the tent, trying to stay warm, and I have no tripod.  This time I set the 30second shot to f/2.8, and the camera started catching the color of the grass!  Got some wonderful ghostly shots.

night time camp table
night time camp table

We froze our feet and fingers, but it was well worth it.  At first light, a new sound –  gentle cowbells  echoing off the granite from a meadow not far away.

Time to make tracks.