Sue Roberts at the Port Angeles Fine Arts Center

Didn’t Mom tell you not to judge a book by its cover?  Did your teacher say that art is about revealing inner reality?  Artist Sue Roberts upholds both these maxims in her pointed and funny show “Family of Sorts” currently at the Port Angeles Fine Arts Center. (You can click on any image to see… Continue reading Sue Roberts at the Port Angeles Fine Arts Center

Words Are People Too

Well, he finished it!  After seven years of research and rare insight, Bob Pitta (my demented brother and Oola’s long lost ….uh…. relative) has published his Encyclobodomy. A short example of middly placed words: FOREMAN (FIRST USED: 1308AD) Definition: The Person in charge — on the job or on the jury Etymology:  Because mankind only… Continue reading Words Are People Too

Wimmen’s Comix

Once again Oola dons her special reception gown.  We are going to San Francisco on BART to the opening reception for the 40th Anniversary of  Wimmen’s Comix show in the San Francisco Library.  The Library is easy to find, just at the top of the Civic Center Bart station stairs. There was a mix up… Continue reading Wimmen’s Comix

Oola as Antiope

Oola has taken time from her travels to take a nude modeling gig with this French artist guy, Watteau. The back story is about this guy, Jupiter, who goes around spreading his DNA.  And I post it especially for those esteemed persons who like to do searches for “nude Oola”.  I’m sure they are looking… Continue reading Oola as Antiope

Trip to Another Place

This post is not a road trip, per se, but it did start in Mom’s Memorial Prius.  It was rent day, and I had to go to the landLord’s building in the next city. You can guess that this is not our favorite place.  But Oola and I dutifully climbed the stairs. When we got… Continue reading Trip to Another Place


  Oola Issue 1: Oolacentricity: Western Art History Revisited by the Incomparable Oola A catalogue of eleven digitally created images by artist Jan Dove. They involve her character, Oola, a doll who tries on the personas of women in Western Art History. In the process, she uncovers issues that are still relevant topics for discussion.