Murdock Beach

Did you ever see a round rock?  Not round 2D like a pancake. Round 3D like a perfect sphere.  Well I hadn’t,  so I was intrigued when some friends told me about a beach where you can find them.  So was Oola. The place is Murdock Beach, (sometimes known as Round Rock Beach) off of… Continue reading Murdock Beach

Work at Blue Mountain Center

Today was the day.  When I came to Blue Mountain Center three weeks ago,  I thought I would like to try to create two books, one that pays homage to the water here, and one that pays homage to the land.  The water book has been finished for a while, but rain has kept me… Continue reading Work at Blue Mountain Center

Road Trip to Dallas

It’s time to hit the road again.  Oola and I are going to Dallas – with stops along the way –  to a family wedding. Before the camera, people on the Grand Tour would keep their observations in a sketchbook.  This ties in perfectly with my conviction that I remember places and things I take the… Continue reading Road Trip to Dallas

Oola vs the Forces of Evil and Dismay

Click on the card to see a larger version. Following on the chicken/egg question – and along the lines of  “Does language express our concepts, or does language create our concepts” – in this body of art and tomfoolery Jan asks “Are images the result of our perceptions, hopes, and fears, or do images create… Continue reading Oola vs the Forces of Evil and Dismay

Trip to Fort Ross, second time

We tried to visit Fort Ross on the northern California Coast last year only to find that the park is closed during the week.  This time all was perfect. Fort Ross was established by the Russians to harvest (steal) sea otter pelts and grow wheat for their Alaskan colonies.  They brought Native Alaskans (slaves) who… Continue reading Trip to Fort Ross, second time

Trip to Merced

Last night was the opening reception for a solo show of work from my Oola series at  Merced College. The drive there was uneventful, until I opened the door and got blasted by the San Joaquin Valley central heating. If you do not know about the Oola series, you can find out here. During the… Continue reading Trip to Merced