Trip to Berkeley, more Artists’ Studios

It occurs to me that I have not given a good idea of how many artist studios there are in this area.  Places where artist retreat to work on their ideas.  There are LOTS.  Just within 6 square blocks of my studio there are 6 buildings full of studio spaces. About 10 years ago we… Continue reading Trip to Berkeley, more Artists’ Studios

Oola’s Solo Show

Hi, all We just got the letter.  Oola will have a solo show in the Art Gallery at Merced College, Merced CA, this coming August.  Oola has already found a formal gown and is looking for a date to accompany her to the Opening. Show dates: Aug. 16, to Sept 1, 2011 Opening Reception: Wednesday,… Continue reading Oola’s Solo Show

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  Oola Issue 1: Oolacentricity: Western Art History Revisited by the Incomparable Oola A catalogue of eleven digitally created images by artist Jan Dove. They involve her character, Oola, a doll who tries on the personas of women in Western Art History. In the process, she uncovers issues that are still relevant topics for discussion.


Green, Green, Green, and granite!  It was heavenly, the leisurely drive over Ebbetts Pass.  I decided to camp and found a delightful spot at above 7,000 ft. with mountain peaks all around.  There was no moon until late, and the stars were (of course) amazing. And ME WITH NO TRIPOD!  So I braced my camera… Continue reading Camping

Why do you do it?

Once when in grad school I was overcome with anxiety and feelings of guilt at the thought that I was leading a hedonistic life as an artist.  What right, I thought, do I have to be here in my studio making useless drawings when there is so much wrong to be righted in the world?…. … Continue reading Why do you do it?

Off to Blue

Grades in, and we’re off on another adventure.  Oola and I are going to an artist’s retreat in beautiful Blue Mountain Center in the Adirondacks. Here you see us packing.  Oola didn’t really like being stuffed into the camera bag.  But I needed to soften potential blows, and Oola was the one.  She is still… Continue reading Off to Blue